The Cab Day’s fourth annual fan project is called The Cab Is.

We’re putting together a digital scrapbook of fans experiences, feelings & stories of what The Cab Is to them. All you need to do is go to thecabday.tumblr.com/submit & answer the prompt “The Cab Is.” You must include at least one sentence that follows that format. It can be as long or as short as you like. You can take ownership of it or you can be anonymous. You can add photos, videos, whatever. Your entry is up to you. Deadline for entries is April 27th. 

The Cab is coming. And the fans will be with them every step of the way.

Happy 25th Birthday, @AlexanderDeLeon#HappyBirthdayAlexander

cat7745 asked:
Is The Cab meet up in new york only for fans? What are we going to do there? Is any of The Cab members going to be there? This is my first time and I'm hoping to go so I'm just so exciteD!!!!!!!!!

All meetups are for anyone who wants to attend, although it helps if you join our street team, Starry Eyed Soldiers. They’re a great opportunity to meet other fans and share your love for The Cab. For more info keep checking back on this post!

from the cab’s twitter. 

In the spirit of The Cab Day we want to make the whole month of April be about getting the word out about the band. As The Cab finishes up their third studio album we need their fan base to be louder than ever. Whether you were blasting I’ll Run in 2008 or fell in love with La La yesterday, you’re here reading this post because you are rooting for the underdog. You know The Cab is coming…. but not everyone does.

Our mission is to let everyone know what we’ve known all along. Let’s start the buzz The Cab deserves. Your goal should be to have no friends or followers who don’t know who The Cab is. Rather than give you a list of daily challenges we thought we’d let you be creative this year. As the month goes on we’ll post different challenges for you, but strive to post once a day even if we don’t prompt you. 

Here are some examples of things to post:

  • Change your profile pictures and icons to one of you & The Cab, your favorite member, or anything The Cab-related
  • Link to their music, interviews, and videos
  • Change your name on Twitter to something The Cab-related
  • Make The Cab photo sets on Tumblr
  • Post things in The Cab tag on Tumblr. We don’t wanna see actual taxi cabs!
  • Make your favorite member your man crush Monday on Instagram
  • Send out Snapchat’s of you singing one of their songs
  • Make fanart or cover your favorite The Cab song
  • Add a The Cab lyric to your Twitter bio
  • And of course, follow your regional Starry Eyed Soldiers street team!

We’ll be posting more specific prompts as the month goes on to give you more ideas, but for now- get posting and be creative! The wait for new music is almost over and we want the world to be ready.

The Cab Day 2014 Meetups

We’re very excited to announce that as part of this year’s The Cab Day celebrations we will be hosting fan meetups around the world on Saturday April 26th. Going to a meetup will be an opportunity to meet other soldiers from your area, celebrate and promote The Cab, get promo materials for The Cab Day, and win prizes!

Each separate meetup will be hosted by the local chapter of Starry Eyed Soldiers, The Cab’s official street team. We will provide team leaders with lots of goodies for everyone that attends the meetups, including posters, stickers, The Cab merch, snacks, and possibly even a sneak peek at what The Cab’s been working on in the studio…

Check out the list below to find a meetup near you!

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We’re very excited to have teamed up with our pals Mischievous Apparel for this year’s The Cab Day merch! You can now preorder our The Cab Day sticker 8-packs and Soldier bracelets on their site. A limited quantity of them will be available and only until the end of April so get yours now!

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Today’s guest post is all about @TheCab and the awesome way their fanbase comes together for @TheCabDay.


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Big thanks to Keysmash Blog for featuring us! Check out our post about The Cab Day here.

theheavengotaplanforyou asked:
How do I add my location to the map?

It’s easy!

  1. Load the map;
  2. Go to Additions > Add Marker (you can pick either simple or detailed; if you choose the detailed option you don’t have to fill in all the blanks, just as many as you like);
  3. Fill in your info. We recommend putting in your name or twitter handle, city, and country, but you can add your state and post code as well;
  4. Select a color for your marker from the drop-down menu;
  5. Click preview if you’d like to see what your marker will look like before you post it, and if you’re happy with it, click submit;
  6. Tell all your friends to add themselves to the map, too!
Anonymous asked:
how can people get involved?

Hey anon! We’re still over a month away from The Cab Day, so things might be a bit slow for now, but for the time being here’s what you can do:

  • Keep an eye on our social media for news, challenges, contests, and more;
  • Add yourself to the map so you can participate in regional events; and
  • Be as loud & proud about your love for The Cab as possible!