Happy The Cab Day, Soldiers! In honor of The Cab Day’s huge success, we have a very special giveaway for you guys. Want a chance to snag an Alexander Deleon Koalawalla beanie, a Viogun shirt (size Small), a The Cab Day 2012 poster signed by the band, The Cab stickers, & (vintage!) The Cab pins? Here’s how to enter!

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Anyone in the world may enter this giveaway. We will choose a winner on at midnight PST using a random number generator and notify them via Tumblr message, so make sure you have fanmail/ask box enabled! Good luck, Soldiers!

Congratulations to mayayanair! You are the winner of our giveaway and will be messaged for your mailing info. Thanks to all soldiers who participated!


Hmm, see something familiar?

You guys are amazing!

Thank You, Chris!

For those of you that don’t know, Chris Knight is The Cab’s manager. He has been a fundamental part of The Cab Day this year and we want to make sure he knows how grateful we all are for it. This mission is simple: tell him thanks!

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While we’re waiting for the Ustream, give this a listen.

"Seriously, from the bottom of our hearts, from everyone in The Cab. Thank you so much… this song is called Living Louder."

Flashback to last April, does anyone remember this? While signing off of last year’s The Cab Day Ustream, Marshall and Alex decided to play us a little bit of a new song called Living Louder. I think even then, the fans in the chat knew how important it would be. From this little snippet they played for us until now, countless people have made it their life anthem and gotten it tattooed on them. It was the start of something. It was one of the first tastes we had of Symphony Soldier and it helped to define what being a Symphony Soldier really meant.

See you guys there! →



The Cab Day 2012 Medley! :)

Julia challenged me to make this happen in the limited time that i had today. Hope you enjoy!

This is awesome! Great job, Becca! Take a listen, guys; I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Vote for “La La” on Sirius XM!

Remember when Alex tweeted that a new song of theirs had just been played on the radio, and no one knew what it was? Within hours The Cab’s fan base was dying to hear, then tentatively titled, “I Want It Bad”. DJ host Mikey Piff answered our requests and he played “Bad” on the radio!

Almost a year later and “Bad” has seen mainstream radio success! “La La” was later picked up recently and added to their playlist. Let’s remind Sirius they made the right decision!

Vote for “La La”!

While you’re at it, why not drop a thank you note to Sirius XM and Mikey for always being so supportive?

@SiriusXMHits1 / @MikeyPiff

Mikey has been a driving force behind getting The Cab to air on the radio and it means to world to us symphony soldiers! Kind of awesome that he’s a soldier too, isn’t it? Watch for him in the "Living Louder" video!

Tell TVD Crew About “Bad”!

This year is all about getting The Cab more attention. With the radio success of Symphony Soldier’s leading single, “Bad”, we thought - why not take it a step further? The story line of the song is just what The Vampire Diaries needs! Below is a list of TVD’s Twitter producers and writers. Send them a link of “Bad”! If we catch their attention just once, who knows? Maybe it will lead for a spotlight on the show later down the road! After each episode airs, a playlist goes up on TVD CW page. Thirty seconds of screen time and The Cab could have an entirely new slew of fans!

What do you guys say? Let’s get to it!

Make sure to include the video link to “Bad” in your tweets! http://bit.ly/pUCEQC


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