"These Are The Lies. I love that song, 
when the bridge comes it's my favorite thing in the entire world"

The Cab Is Here.

Anonymous asked:
Is the cab day on the 26th or the 29th??

Heya! The Cab Day is officially on April 29th. Since that’s a Tuesday, we decided to have our meetups on April 26th, a Saturday, so more people could attend. Hope that clears things up! -p

Lock Me Up Promotional Materials

The Cab announced the release of Lock Me Up on The Cab Day, 4.29.14. Here are all the Lock Me Up resources you’ll need to deck your social media profiles or print a few flyers up to put around school and hand out at shows.

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For The Cab Day, we’re using the Elfster gift exchange service to match Symphony Soldiers up with other Symphony Soldiers globally to be pen pals! This is such a great opportunity to make meaningful connections with people who love the same things as you do! It should be a lot of fun getting to know each other offline. 

Sign up here: 

ONE WEEK TO THE CAB DAY. If you’re going to be going to any shows in the coming week, here are some printable handbills you can take to help promo The Cab at the show! Lot’s of big things coming this week, we want everyone to be ready for them.

Download them here.

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