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Alex DeLeon + Tattoos

Happy 25th Birthday, @AlexanderDeLeon#HappyBirthdayAlexander

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The Cab Day 2014 is 4.29.14

Get ready, this year’s gonna be good. 

Happy The Cab Day 2013, Symphony Soldiers! 

"The Cab Day meant everything. It was so, so humbling and just encouraging. Just the fact that people still cared when you disappear for years like that. A month in the music industry- Disappearing for a month is dangerous because of the internet and how much music is accessible and all of that. And we disappeared for a year about, it had been three years since the last album so we were just really scared. We didn’t know if we had fans. It was the coolest thing ever. Just encouraging is the biggest word, to know our music still meant a lot to so many people.” -Alex DeLeon

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

Hiya, we thought we’d answer a few of your recent questions (there’s been a lot!) about the scavenger hunt!

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Hey Soldiers! The countdown for The Cab Day starts now!

As you may know, the goal for The Cab Day is to get The Cab’s official twitter account to 100k followers. We have a cool idea to make it happen.

We’ve made a The Cab Day Promo Scavenger Hunt! Here is a list of missions you can do to promote The Cab this week. Each of these missions is worth one point and each point you get is one entry into a raffle to win an amazing prize: a Skype date with Alex DeLeon!

  • Change your Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram profile photo to this I <3 @TheCab graphic

  • Post on Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram about following The Cab

  • Make “Follow @TheCab” your name on Twitter

  • Make a Pinterest board of The Cab related things

  • Make “follow @TheCab” tee shirts and wear them to school, work, grocery shopping… anywhere public!

  • Take a picture of your pet with a follow @TheCab sign

  • For every friend you get to follow The Cab, have them tweet “@TheCab my friend @[yourtwitterhandle] sent me!”

  • Bake a cake (or cookies) that says “Follow @TheCab”

  • Decorate your car in Follow @TheCab / The Cab lyrics / something The Cab related

  • Change the desktop background of every computer in a computer lab to this I <3 @TheCab graphic (widescreen here)!

  • Tweet @MikeyPiff and tell him to play @TheCab on the radio for The Cab Day

  • Get your school news to say “Follow @TheCab on Twitter”

  • Write a song about following The Cab (extra points for a video of you performing it!)

  • Host a viewing party for the Ustream

  • Make follow @TheCab posters and post them around your town. (1 point per poster)

  • ANY OTHER CREATIVE WAY YOU COME UP WITH TO PROMOTE THE CAB WILL GET YOU A POINT! If you’re not sure & you want to check, tweet us at @TheCabDay and we’ll let you know.

Here’s how it works: for each mission you complete you must take a photo or screenshot in order for it to be counted. Attach all of your photos and screencaps in ONE email to thecabday@gmail.com. The subject must be your full name & the number of entries you’re submitting. ALL MISSIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY MIDNIGHT ON THE CAB DAY. The winner will then be notified and we’ll discuss when they can Skype with Alex!!

That’s it! You’re in. Good luck, Soldiers!!

Hey there, Symphony Soldiers! It’s one week til The Cab Day. Can you believe it? We over at The Cab Day have been working so hard to make this day incredible and we’re so excited that many soldiers have been involved in the challenges and giveaways we have had so far. That’s all fun and it’s really great to get to know you better and bring our incredible fan base closer but now, we’ve got work to do.

Our mission is to get @TheCab to 100,000 followers by The Cab Day on April 29th.

At first we were a little hesitant to make this the goal of The Cab Day. 100k followers is a big milestone. The Cab’s official twitter account currently has around 97,000 followers which means we need 3000 more. That seemed like a lot of followers to gain in a week. Honestly, we weren’t sure if we’d be able to do it…

The thing about Symphony Soldiers is that they ALWAYS rise to a challenge. We work best under pressure, as the underdog, fighting for The Cab because they’ve always fought for us. We can do this. 


7 days. 100k followers. You have your mission. Let’s do this, Soldiers.