The album is live! This is Symphony Soldier done by fans of The Cab. The Cab’s fan base is super talented so be sure to check out the album. The best news is you can download the whole album for FREE. Click the album artwork above to stream and don’t forget to download it. Happy listening and Happy Cab Day!

We are so close to getting @TheCab 100k followers! Go out & promote our boys so we can hear new music tonight!! 

Happy The Cab Day 2013, Symphony Soldiers! 

"The Cab Day meant everything. It was so, so humbling and just encouraging. Just the fact that people still cared when you disappear for years like that. A month in the music industry- Disappearing for a month is dangerous because of the internet and how much music is accessible and all of that. And we disappeared for a year about, it had been three years since the last album so we were just really scared. We didn’t know if we had fans. It was the coolest thing ever. Just encouraging is the biggest word, to know our music still meant a lot to so many people.” -Alex DeLeon

TOMORROW IS THE CAB DAY 2013!! Are you ready?!

2 Days Until The Cab Day!! Are you ready?!

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

Hiya, we thought we’d answer a few of your recent questions (there’s been a lot!) about the scavenger hunt!

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Hey Soldiers! 3 Days until The Cab Day 2013. Are you ready?

It’s three days until The Cab Day! Since the guys are getting into the spirit just as much as you are, they’ve decided to extend all giveaways to noon PST on Sunday, April 28th! Just in case you wanted to put the finishing touches on your art project for Joey or need to do some manscaping for the Another Alex competition. 

Here is a complete list of all the contests just in case you missed out on one: 

  • Dave Briggs has an instagram giveaway for a shirt & a signed pair of drumsticks that you can enter here!
  • Alex Marshall has a really awesome accent challenge for you! There will be five winners from this!
  • For all those musicians out there, Chance Chantry is giving away a guitar or piano lesson via our facebook! Please don’t enter this one unless you have the instruments, though! :) 
  • Alex DeLeon is having a lookalike contest so break out your combat boots & beanie (or your straightener and one glove if you want that 2008 swag), upload a pic to instagram and tag it with #tcdanotheralex 
  • We know Symphony Soldiers always ask for more art by Joey Thunder, so he is having an amazing art swap  you should check out! 

While all of these are fun ways to get pumped about The Cab Day, there’s still a job to be done, Symphony Soldiers! Our goal is to get The Cab to 100k- and you may win a skype session with Alex DeLeon is you help! More information on that here. The deadline for that is still midnight PST on The Cab Day! 

Three days, soldiers!! 

4 days until The Cab Day 2013! Are you ready?

The Cab Day is excited to announce a special thing that we have going on for this year. We have put together a cover album of Symphony Soldier! We asked Cab fans from around the world to create their own cover of a song off of Symphony Soldier. These tracks are amazing and the whole album will be available for download for FREE on The Cab Day! Click the link below to preview Endlessly by Jillian Innes. We are so excited to share this album with you! 

  1. Angel With a Shotgun - Allyssa Marino
  2. Temporary Bliss - Kylie Gyurgyak
  3. Bad - Katie Salazar
  4. Endlessly - Jillian Innes
  5. Animal - Morgan Geis
  6. Intoxicated - Whitney Larson
  7. La La - Nalani & Sarina
  8. Her Love Is My Religion - Daniel Smith
  9. Another Me - Colour Me Careless
  10. Grow Up and Be Kids - Dewy Dewhurst
  11. Lovesick Fool - Angela Tier
  12. Living Louder - Benjamin Lemieux
  13. Bonus Track: Living Louder Piano - Carrie Lemieux