Thank You, Chris!

For those of you that don’t know, Chris Knight is The Cab’s manager. He has been a fundamental part of The Cab Day this year and we want to make sure he knows how grateful we all are for it. This mission is simple: tell him thanks!

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Vote for “La La” on Sirius XM!

Remember when Alex tweeted that a new song of theirs had just been played on the radio, and no one knew what it was? Within hours The Cab’s fan base was dying to hear, then tentatively titled, “I Want It Bad”. DJ host Mikey Piff answered our requests and he played “Bad” on the radio!

Almost a year later and “Bad” has seen mainstream radio success! “La La” was later picked up recently and added to their playlist. Let’s remind Sirius they made the right decision!

Vote for “La La”!

While you’re at it, why not drop a thank you note to Sirius XM and Mikey for always being so supportive?

@SiriusXMHits1 / @MikeyPiff

Mikey has been a driving force behind getting The Cab to air on the radio and it means to world to us symphony soldiers! Kind of awesome that he’s a soldier too, isn’t it? Watch for him in the "Living Louder" video!

Tell TVD Crew About “Bad”!

This year is all about getting The Cab more attention. With the radio success of Symphony Soldier’s leading single, “Bad”, we thought - why not take it a step further? The story line of the song is just what The Vampire Diaries needs! Below is a list of TVD’s Twitter producers and writers. Send them a link of “Bad”! If we catch their attention just once, who knows? Maybe it will lead for a spotlight on the show later down the road! After each episode airs, a playlist goes up on TVD CW page. Thirty seconds of screen time and The Cab could have an entirely new slew of fans!

What do you guys say? Let’s get to it!

Make sure to include the video link to “Bad” in your tweets! http://bit.ly/pUCEQC


Got a Twitter account? Good. Let’s put it to use! Today, make sure you tag #thecabday with all of your tweets to help spread the word!

Request “La La” on Z100 New York!

This past week you may have seen The Cab’s post about a twitition. The twitition was in response to Z100 claiming that The Cab wouldn’t be played on air unless there was a demand for their songs. We certainly know that The Cab has great radio potential, already having seen increasing success with Symphony Soldier’s leading single, “Bad”. Who’s up for getting “La La” the same attention?

Here’s what we’re aiming for: to show the radio DJs that fans do want to hear The Cab on Z100’s station!

Everyone can participate in this by doing any - or all! - of the following:

  • Tweet @Z100NewYork and request “La La by  @TheCab!
  • Write on Z100’s Facebook wall requesting they play The Cab
  • Make an online request by entering “La La - The Cab” in the bottom form
  • Call the station and make request for “La La”: 800.242.0100
  • Text a request for “La La” to the station at 55100
  • Sign the twitition and help spread the word for others to sign

We’ll need everyone on board with this to make an impact! Make sure you retweet other requests, like other Facebook posts, and tell all your friends to do the same! Z100 doesn’t think there’s a demand for The Cab to be aired? Let’s prove ‘em wrong and get “La La” on their playlist!

Get those requests in!

Spread the word!

The Cab Day is finally here! We expect to see lots of posts, statuses, and tweets about the event! While you’re at it, share the Facebook event with all your friends!

TCD Icon

Happy Cab Day, everyone! Our first mission is a little arts n’ crafts challenge for you. Make a sign for The Cab Day and take a picture of yourself holding your freshly-made sign! Then, set the photo as your default profile picture for the day! If you don’t have a webcam to snap a pic, draw a TCD sign in paint and use that as your icon instead! Let your artistic ability shine.