Vote for “La La” on Sirius XM!

Remember when Alex tweeted that a new song of theirs had just been played on the radio, and no one knew what it was? Within hours The Cab’s fan base was dying to hear, then tentatively titled, “I Want It Bad”. DJ host Mikey Piff answered our requests and he played “Bad” on the radio!

Almost a year later and “Bad” has seen mainstream radio success! “La La” was later picked up recently and added to their playlist. Let’s remind Sirius they made the right decision!

Vote for “La La”!

While you’re at it, why not drop a thank you note to Sirius XM and Mikey for always being so supportive?

@SiriusXMHits1 / @MikeyPiff

Mikey has been a driving force behind getting The Cab to air on the radio and it means to world to us symphony soldiers! Kind of awesome that he’s a soldier too, isn’t it? Watch for him in the "Living Louder" video!